Private Lessons

Private Lessons provided for students based on their individual desires. They are provided for the student or couple to  improve dancing skills and refine steps taught in group classes. They also prepare students for social events or competition.

Lessons may be focused on technical details, help the student feel more comfortable in social settings or just for the exercise and enjoyment.

Semi-Private Lessons are offered where 2 or 3 couples may share a private lesson catered to the group's dance selection and interests.

Private & Semi-Private lessons are pre-scheduled with the instructor. 

   Call for an appointment today - 425-882-0209

Available Hours:

  • Monday, Wednesday - Friday:  noon - 9pm
  • Tuesday:  noon - 5pm
  • Saturday:  noon  - 4pm

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Drop-In Group Classes

Join us every Tuesday  for drop-in classes. 

Each week a different dance step is taught, rotating through Ballroom, Latin, Swing and Nightclub dances.  The beginner class starts with the basic steps followed by the intermediate  class which introduces additional technique and steps. 

Hours - Tuesdays:

       6:30 - 7:15pm Beginner Class

       7:15 - 8pm Intermediate Class


  • One class per evening - $10 per person
  • Two classes per evening - $15 per person


      North Bellevue Community Center   

      4063 148th Ave NE, Bellevue

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North Bellevue Community Center

3-Week Series Group Class

 Join us every Tuesday for 3-week courses.

The 3-week series classes generally run for 9 to 12 weeks allowing a concentrated learning experience for the intermediate and advanced student. Attendance must be pre-approved by the instructor.  The students vote for the dances to be taught.

Hours - Tuesdays:

      8 - 8:55pm


     $35 for a 3-week course

      North Bellevue Community Center   
      4063 148th Ave NE, Bellevue

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scheduled classes!

Professional Dance Instruction

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